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5 easy methods to train puppy or puppies in home

         In raising a dog, it is necessary from an early age so that we can train it, because dog behavior can be controlled if we have trained it from the start, so there are tips on caring for puppies so that they can be formed from now on. At an early age puppies will be easier to teach than when they are adults it takes a lot of time to form into a trained dog.

        First your dog must understand the basic rules of life, even from a young age, to help them become confident, non-aggressive and calm adults, and to avoid the nervousness that can lead to negative behavior. The following admin summarizes tips for training puppies to be easily trained.

Basic Puppy Training

        Puppies most likely haven't been trained when you bring them home so some mishaps can occur in the first weeks. Puppies often have accidents at home because they are given too much freedom and don't know where to go to the bathroom.

        So in this phase puppies are sometimes irregular and need proper training techniques,

To avoid this, there are several steps you can take:

Make sure the puppy can only access the one or two rooms your family occupies most often in the house.

Cage puppies when you can't supervise them. Puppies usually don't soil their beds because they see this as a safe zone and want to keep it clean.

Schedule regular feeding times so you can better monitor your puppy. It is important to teach the desired behavior and reward them when they do it right. For example, congratulate your puppy when he manages to pee in place.

To make sure you can appreciate him right away, it's best to go out with them

Never punish or reprimand puppies for wrongdoing, but find more positive ways to keep them from feeling pressured.

Make a regular schedule for bowel movements and walks. Don't wait for your puppy to signal that they want to go out to pee. Most puppies won't learn how to communicate their need to pee until they understand how to "hold it" in the house.

Take him outside often. The goal is to get your puppy used to these routines, such as after meals and naps, before bed and as soon as you wake up in the morning. At first, always take them to the same place so they can recognize the smell on their own.

If your puppy is seen circling, or sniffing the floor in the room, it's a sign that he needs to get out of the way immediately. If your puppy makes the mistake of making water in the house, don't scold him, but disinfect the area to get rid of the smell. Clean when the puppy is not in the room and do not use bleach so as not to trigger their interest.

Training for puppies to obey

        In some cases sometimes it is very difficult for puppies to obey because they are animals, so we need special techniques that can make our puppies obey without the flow of cursing or harsh reprimands that actually make the puppy run wild out of control.

        Because Dogs are herds of animals and need a master. From the start, they would need one person who could teach them. Don't scream when you call your puppy. Dogs are sensitive to variations in your voice, and will understand different tones very well, such as short and sharp for a command, a happy intonation to congratulate them, and a loud intonation for a reprimand. Always try to use the same words for the same command.

How to train a puppy to sit

        To make it easier for puppies to be instructed to sit, give them some gifts such as food or toys that make them happy and will obey their orders to sit down without being forced. How to feed it there is also a tip in which the food should be held above the puppy's nose and slowly move it up and back, over the puppy's head. When the puppy follows the food with his head, he will sit down. When your dog does this, say the word "sit" while the dog is sitting a simple basic word that the dog will always remember as a command that they will be ordered to if the owner says the word.

        As soon as your pet sits down, say "shut up" and give him a treat. A lot of repetition is required for your puppy to learn to associate the reward with sitting. Start with 3 short training sessions lasting just 5 minutes a day, and extend the sessions little by little as your puppy ages.

Teaching the puppy to lie down

        Once you've taught your dog to sit, you can start teaching the "lay down" command. Ask them to sit down first, then encourage them to lie down holding the treat. Lure the dog with a food reward by lowering the food between their front paws and pulling it forward (away) at the same time, saying "lie down". When they lie down, give them a treat, and lots of praise.

Choosing a food reward for training puppies

        Choose small, low-calorie treats that your pup will like. Kibble taken from their daily meal portion can be useful, or a nutritional supplement specifically for training. Make sure you calculate the calorie content of the food gift into their daily meal portion calculation.

        If you want to do some more training, you can join a dog training club. Joining a dog training club will not only provide your puppy with further training, but it can also confirm that the training you did previously was appropriate.

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