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7 interesting facts about jaguars

         Do you know anything about jaguars? An animal dedicated to this car brand is included in the 5 largest cat species in the world along with tigers, leoparads, lions and the like.

Jaguars are the largest land predators in South America, where they live.

facts about jaguar animal

        But besides that there are some interesting facts about this jaguar, because this animal is a rare animal that is almost extinct, then there are some facts that lovers should know including:

1. Introvert Animals (Lonely Animals)

        Reporting from Live Science, Jaguars are reclusive animals like tigers and snow leopards, in a meeting, jaguars will only meet during the breeding season they make markings of their territory with urine and also claws on trees.

        Jaguar female is a good parent, according to National Geographic she will give birth to one to 4 children at a time and will be cared for until they can find their own food, more precisely the age of 2 years.

2. Including land animals that are good at swimming

        In the aspect of the water world, jaguars and tigers are the same type, that's the reason they like to live close to watery areas, Jaguars are reliable swimmers they often look for prey in the water, such as fish, turtles and small alligators are water's favorite food they.

3. A bite that can almost tear a bone

        Although not the largest of the cat species, the Jaguar has a very strong bite force, according to The mysterious world, the bite force of the jaguar is close to 2000 psi (pounds of square inches). Make the comparison of normal humans only able to reach 160 psi while tigers, which are included in the second largest cat in the world, only reach 1050 psi.

        His ratio is twice that of a tiger's bite, so it's no wonder he can crack a turtle shell with just one bite.

4. His Hunting Type aims for the skull part

        Most of the other species, they always target the neck to kill the prey they are looking for. Unlike the jaguar, he prefers to target his skull. Thanks to the incredible force of the bite, the skull of its prey can be crushed with just one bite. That's the origin of the name jaguar, the origin of the name comes from the Native American word yaguar, which means to kill in one jump.

5. Can kill Anaconda

        Anacondas are the largest snakes in the world, with their size reaching 4.6 meters in length and 70 kg in weight. Its habitat is the same in South America. All animals will never be different with this animal due to its extraordinary weight and entanglement which can turn things that were prey into predators.

        One animal that is able to defeat the animal is the jaguar, with agility, claws and a strong bite, the jaguar can kill an adult anaconda. But sometimes jaguars are killed and fall prey to anacondas. So they are like eternal rivals.

6. There is a black Jaguar

        Like leopards, jaguars are sometimes melanistic, where the condition of their entire coat is jet black. Black jaguars usually live in the darker interior of the rainforest, because they can be very easy to camouflage there. Just like the black leopard, the black jaguar is often referred to as the black panther.

7. Different from Leopard

        In ordinary vision jaguars and leopards are almost the same, but if you can compare jaguars and leopards there are slight differences that we can see that part of the jaguar's pattern has a black center point while the leopard does not have such a pattern. Leopards also include animals in the fifth position of the largest cat species in the world, the habitats of the two are also different. Jaguars only live in Central and South America while leopards are spread from Africa, Asia and even Europe.

        Here are some facts about jaguars that people rarely know, for further information you can comment so that the admin looks for information about rare animals in the world.

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