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Jesurun Rak Sakyi Officially a long contract with Crystal palace, because of this

         Jesurun Rak Sakyi the magical young player who will fly the palace flag in the premier league championship.

        A 19-year-old boy named ralk sakyi has signed a 5-year contract at the Crystal Palace. He will be one of the front line attackers for his Crystal Palace team. He had joined and competed with the main players in August 2021. At that time he was still 18 years old against the blues team, Chelsea. After that he plunged into the field again against the red devil, namely Manchester United with great enthusiasm, he played with full skill and expertise in playing football.

        At the under-21 level he has earned the title as the top scorer in the premier league 2 division 1, a kid that has made Crystal Palace proud, because at that age he has managed to bag 18 goals during the 2021-2022 season. And also he managed to debut with the England team and scored a goal in the U20 team last September.

        However, for now, he has been loaned by another team for one season at league one club Charlton Athletic.

        In the press conference signing the contract by Ralk, he said to the public, "First of all, I am very grateful to God for this great opportunity. Watching the ebut game last year made me motivated and I will train even harder to become a more advanced and growing player. I will try to be able to play in the senior league if God gives me a chance. I am very happy to have joined a league one club this season, and to be able to train Charlton, and am very grateful to both teams.”

        Steve Parish also argued “Jesurun is a young footballer who is full of talent and will be a star in his future, his extraordinary attitude shows that his development is very fast after entering the club. I will definitely make sure that he will be a brilliant player in his future. And this contract demonstrates that."

        A departure from Jesurun To be on loan is a good move to allow him to continue to develop, and be able to compete at the senior club and will return to the palace as a player much stronger than before. I know he's not going to miss this golden opportunity to make him even more developed."

        Rak sakyl will get the best player title if he can develop with his new team, and will continue to debut in the crystal palace as a fierce attacker, with a skill level that enables him to spearhead the crystal palace team.

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