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quiz to choose which animals we can raise

         Be your perfect pet. Interestingly, it might not be the usual cat or dog. Perhaps you're someone who would feel their best when living with a quokka find out which animal would make your life. Even better with this simple test. Note down your score after each question because you'll need to add up your points at the end to see your results. 

How to choose an animal according to your personality

        So let's start

Question 1 

What would you say if you suddenly discovered a problem?

A.  I'm a strong and independent person, I can solve this problem on my own.

B.  just like, always, I'm on my own again face to face with aproblem. Let's see what I can do.

C.  I need help. Someone, who knows more about this issue. Will have to give me a hand.

D. OK, it's time to deal with this problem, What should I start .

E. I'll just wait, this problem. Might Disappear With time. Maybe there's no problem at all.

         Now if you pick day your score is 10 points for be, you get 40 points. C is worth 30 points, answer D brings you 20 points and if your choice is answer, e-rate down 50 points.

        Question 2 

Choose three activities?

A. Reading, abook, watching cute animal videos, Experiencing nature.

B. Starting, new projects meeting up, with people being responsible for important tasks. 

C. dancing communicating with people organizing events.

D. going for a walk in beautiful surroundings expressing myself through ART spending my time with my significant other.

E. Relaxing on the beach Day Dreaming having a tasty meal.

        If you picked a your score is 40 points for be you get 20 points. C is worth 10 points. Answer D brings you 30 points. If your choice is answered E, right down 50 points.

        Question 3

 What is your favorite vacation destination? 

A. a beach hotel with foam parties.

B. a sky resort in the mountains.

C. a private island

D.  a cabin in the woods, e vacation.

        If you picked a, your score is 10 points for be, you get 30 points, C is worth 50 points. Answer D, brings you 40 points. If your choice is answer E, right down 20 points.

        Question 4 

Use just one word to describe yourself ?

A. Reserved

B.  Independent.

C. Relaxed

D. Romantic

E. Hard Working

         If you win for answer a your score is 40 points for be. You get 10 points, C is worth 50 points. Answer D brings you 30 points. If your choice is answered, E right down 20 points,

Question 5

You have one hour of free time. What will you do?

A. I'll buy some bread and go for a walk in the park. I love feeding the Ducks. 

B.  I'll spend this hour at home. There's nothing better than relaxing on asofa and watching YouTube videos. 

C.  what do youmean free time? If Ihave a gap in my schedule, I'll check new emails and do some other less urgent but still important tasks.

D.  Change to meet friends at our favorite Cafe. One hour will be enough to discuss the latest news.

E.  I'll spend this time in my favorite coffee bar with the book. I just bought,

Question 6

What could be your spirit animal?

A. Koala

B. Tuttle

C. Beaver

D. Swan

E. Dolphin

         If you picked a your score is 50 points for be you get 40 points. C is worth 20 points. Answer D brings you 30 points. If your choice is answer, 'E right down 10 points.

Question 7

which of the following is especially true about you?

A. Ican't make myself go to bed earlier than 2 a.m. That's why you won't see me fully awake before new. 

B.  I love winter. It's a perfect excuse to stay inside and lounge around. You can always say that it's too cold outside to go anywhere. 

C. I rarely work less than 10 hours a day but I enjoy it as it brings me a sense of achievement Movement.

D.  I believe that our meet the love of my life. One day we'll finish each other sentences and in all things will be on the same wave length.

E. There are days when I want to avoid other people and spend quality time on my own, a walk in the park, or a good book, is my favorite pastime on such days.

        If you picked a your score is 10 points for be, you get 50 points, C is worth 20 points. Answer D brings you 30 points. If your choice is answer, "E" right down 40 points.

      1. Weasel  

         Okay, now it's time to add up all those points and discover your perfect, pet a weasel. Now, if you scored 70 to 120 points, your perfect pad is a weasel. You're an exceptionally active and outgoing person, just like this fur ball. It may become an energetic and playful companion joining you in all your adventures and escapades besides being friendly and inquisitive weasels are also pretty independent and prefer to Things of their own in the wild. They would rather dig ahole of their own than occupied, a deserted Borough. That's why you probably won't find this animal sleeping on your pillow, especially since it doesn't sleep at night, 

2. Lizard

        If your score is from 130 to 180 points, your perfect pet is a lizard. You're abusy person, but a lizard won't demand your constant attention. These animals are pretty lazy. The most important thing you'll need to do is provide your pet with ultraviolet light and the animal will bask in it for hours on end. Depending on the species most lizards eat once every two or even three days that's why your pet won't suffer. If you go on a short business trip and leave it home alone by the way according to statistics, hardworking and goal-oriented people with open minds tend to have pet lizards more often than others. 

3. Quokka

         If your score is from 92 to 240 points. Your perfect pet is a quokka. This little creature is often called the happiest animal in the world because of its ever smiling snout. You can easily make your pet Happy by giving it a lot of grass, tree bark, berries, and fruit and just one glance of the smiley face will rid. You of even the slightest signs of melancholy. The only problem here is that quack is are aprotected species and cannot be kept as pets unless you own a while. Wildlife Park or azoo. That is just some food for thought.  

4. Squirrel

        If your score is between 250 and 300 points, your perfect pet is Rocky the Flying Squirrel. This is a highly social animal that needs company day and night. Even in the wild, this creature often shares its home, which is usually a hole in a tree with other squirrels bats and screech owls. Just imagine the parties. This little guy won't let you feel lonely. Because thanks to its friendly nature. It will constantly demanding Your attention besides, you'll have a lot of fun watching her pet gliding and circles around your living room. 

5. Sloth

         If your score is 310 to 350 points, your perfect pet is a sloth. These kitties tend to sleep for 20 hours aday, so you can easily spend hours together on a sofa, you'll be reading books and watching TV and your furry friend will be napping nearby. They will hardly move and even a bathroom. Visit will happen. Not more often than once aweek, the only discomfort you'll experience from such companionship can be caused by. The algae that grow on the fur of these animals. But hey these algae save their lives in the wild by helping them blend in with green leaves.

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