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Wuhan re-implements lockdown, because of this moment

         A district in one of the Chinese cities, the outskirts of Wuhan, has been re-locked at this time as the number of COVID-19 has begun to rise again around the city. This is the first time this city has implemented a lockdown in 2019 until 2020. The first large-scale lockdown in the world is like making the city dead in history.

        For more than 2 years the city was closed due to a very mysterious pneumonia disease called covid 19. Nearly 1 million residents from the city of wuhan more precisely in the jiangxia district, there has been an order to stay indoors and not to do social activities properly , except to buy basic food and necessities that are really needed.

        After 4 cases emerged, all transportation agents and entertainment venues were stopped for operations, because the origin of covid 19 was so terrible that so many people died from this virus. After a long time of not breathing fresh air, at the beginning of 2020 the city of Wuhan was officially lifted from the so-called lockdown and was able to carry out activities by maintaining health protocols.

        But China is very protective of this virus outbreak, he is doing a covid to zero lockdown as to be able to stop the very high number of covid. With the enactment of social restrictions, activities outside the home and to buy basic goods can't be more than one day. Indeed, at that time the number of covid fell from 868 per day to 604 cases that occurred.

        However, this month the number has started to jump again from the report of 4 cases per day on July 19, rising to 150 cases, and this has started to astonish the public where the city was previously sterile from Covid, now the number of cases exposed to Covid 19 has risen again.

           From starting to rise again, the Chinese government began ordering large companies such as iPhone, cnook oil producers and 100 other companies to start limiting employee operations. They began to force employees to work separately and have less direct contact between non-manufacturing staff and also the factory floor to reduce transmission of infection. The Shenzhen government on Tuesday revealed that Covid cases are now more under control as it is quicker to implement isolation than exposed ones. Quoted from health commission official Lin Hancheng on Tuesday.

        Shenzhen police last week arrested 82 people, 19 of whom were cross-border drivers delivering supplies between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. This was done for smuggling goods without a permit and violating pandemic prevention rules in recent months. Strictly speaking, the government will carry out a reversal rule for those who violate this rule so that the violation does not occur again.

        To overcome the virus in Baoshan City, which occurred due to cases due to logistics employees, the local transportation association began to propose to build a building below with a loop system so that there would be no physical contact between employees. The company has suspended 17 steel warehouses in operation for three days since Tuesday.

        According to a survey of almost all cases that occurred in the Chinese city centered in the southern guangxi region, with 269 cases on Tuesday and the Gansu province exposed to 234 cases of Covid-19 infection on the same day.

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