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7 signs your dog is healthy, keep your dog health

         Dog health can be categorized into two, namely mental health and physical health. The two categories cannot be separated from one another.

        This means that if your dog is in good mental health, it is less likely that your dog will have a physical problem. For that, follow some of these ways to find out the signs of a healthy dog or not.

1. Know Your Dog's Behavior

        As a dog owner, you must know very well what your pet dog usually does. Make as much of it as possible to become familiar with the habits your pet has. For example, the reaction shown when you feed him, or times to defecate for this dog.

        Another example is that for some dogs, dogs are voracious animals. But for other types of dogs, they can be categorized as very picky animals in terms of food.

        When one day your dog does not have an appetite for food even though he is usually a very greedy animal, you should speculate that your dog is not okay.

  2. Healthy Skin

        Just like humans, dogs can be categorized as healthy animals when they have fair skin. Regularly check your dog's exterior. Experts believe that if your dog's skin is free from red spots, scars, and is smooth, it means that your dog is in good health.

        On the other hand, if there are warts in several places or there are scabs, you should immediately check with the vet to find out as soon as possible what is happening to your dog. Most importantly, if there are changes in your dog's skin, hurry up to do some research or ask a professional.

3. Normal body temperature

        The normal body temperature of a dog should be between 38 and 39 degrees Celsius. Although the body temperature is categorized as a fairly hot temperature, dogs have a unique metabolism, so that their normal temperature can be said to be high. However, you need not worry.

        High temperatures are not a symptom of fever. In fact, if the temperature is far below 38 degrees Celsius or far above 39 degrees Celsius, you should worry. Veterinarians are also of the opinion of “Dog Fever” where the temperature is well above normal due to infection. If so, immediately take your dog to the nearest vet to be examined.

4. Healthy Eyes

        In addition to checking the body temperature, you can also regularly check your dog's eyes. Do an eye check using your index finger and thumb, by opening both of your dog's eyes. If your dog's eyes appear to be shining and not watery, it means he's in a healthy dog condition.

        However, if your dog's eyes look yellow, inflammation of the eyeballs, and the eyeballs look droopy, tell your vet immediately. Because, there is a possibility that your dog is sick or experiencing allergies that are happening in his body.

        Don't let your pet dog look like this, because there could be a dangerous disease happening to him. Make a visit to the nearest veterinarian.

5. Pink Gums

        The next signs of a healthy dog are found in your pet dog's mouth. Basically, healthy dog teeth are almost the same as healthy human teeth. If you open your pet's mouth, you can see the color of the gums. If the color of your dog's gums is pink, then your dog is said to be in good health.

        However, when there is a yellowish-gray stain on the top of your dog's mouth or an unpleasant odor comes out of his mouth, you should immediately visit your vet to ask what happened.

        You need to be diligent in brushing your pet's teeth on this one. If not, your dog will be easily affected by mouth disease.

6. A moist nose is a sign of health

        The nose and smell are very important to dogs. It is also very important to check the nose of the dog. Some myths say that a moist nose is a sign of a healthy dog. However, experts believe that even healthy dogs can have dry noses.

        You don't need to panic if it turns out that your dog's nose feels a mixture of dry and damp. You just need to pay attention if there is some kind of crack in the nose of your dog, it means that your dog has a problem with his immune system. Immediately consult a doctor if this occurs.

7. Examine the Ears and Tails

        Finally, check the ears and tail of your dog. For the ear, examine the inside of the right and left ear. If the ear canal looks dark with no red spots, it means your dog is healthy.

        For the tail, check whether the section looks symmetrical between the top and bottom. At the bottom, make sure that there is no mucus and also that it does not look swollen. If both of those things happen the other way around, immediately ask your veterinarian about the condition experienced by your pet dog.

        Those are the 7 characteristics of a healthy dog in terms of their physical and mental conditions without having to routinely treat dogs at the vet.

        However, if something happens to them, it's good to take action immediately. Also know how to properly care for your dog so that it is physically and mentally protected from all kinds of diseases.

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